Question for BOTKIER SASHA DUFFLE large size Owners :)

  1. Hi there! :smile: I just recieved a botkier sasha duffle that i bought off a friend and i love it to pieces it is GORGEOUS
    BUT,,, the area around the zipper has a stiffer leather (just along the top of the bag the 2 strips on ether side of the zipper)

    sorry its hard to describe
    but i find them to be quite stiff and what i love about the pictures of this bag are how lovely it slouches when its being held by the shoulder strap and i picked mine up and it didnt slouch like that :sad: because of those stiffer pieces of leather
    BUT the bag is brand spanking new never ever been used, in plastic everything
    so my Q is did anyone find this about theirs when they first got it, and does it just soften up and take on that amazing slouch with use?
    :smile: thank you guys!!! :heart:
  2. Hi, I know the parts you're referring to and while mine are stiffer than the body of the bag (I think it's designed that way?), they're not so stiff that they prevent the bag from slouching. Maybe with a few uses it will soften up?

    Don't give up on this bag, it's lovely...
  3. hehe thank you for the response ive been using it for a few days now and its AMAZING!!!!! it has totally slouched the stiffer part is still stiffer then the body but doesnt any longer stop it from slouching it looks amazing
    holds so much just WOW i have a new love this bag rocks my socks!
  4. I've read several posts about the stiffer leather on one part of the bag. Glad you're enjoying it. I really want one.