Question for all Classic flap bag owners..

  1. Were you supplied with the felt cloth that was supposed to be put in between the flaps to prevent the chains from rubbing the leather?

    I just bought my very first chanel last week,a large beige classic flap bag in lambskin, and the SA didn't include that .. The cloth was supplied to me when I bought the bag for the first time, but when I exchanged the bag for a different color the SA didn't include it in the new bag. :sad:

    Would i look to desperate/demanding if I return there for the third time just to request that piece of cloth?
  2. maybe your bag was a return, or at least someone did open and took away that piece of cloth....I think if the condition of the bag is perfect then don't even bother, you can buy the same kinda cloth from art supply store, I actually bought some from an art and craft supply store and made a nice cover for my reissue so that the chain won't touch the leather and I don't have to wrap and unwrap the chain with tissue paper everytime I use the bag.
  3. ^^ thats a good idea, but if you really want it then go back and get it!
  4. From my experience.. some of the bags has them and some dont.. it depends if you're the first customer who looked and tried the bag.. but i dont think it should matter even if the piece of cloth wasnt supplied.. as a chanel lover, ull find away to protect your baby!!

    congratulation on your purchase :smile:
  5. my reissue came with it. But my reissue sits with my other current bags w/o any dustcloth or anything -- for easy access and "getaway." Otherwise I would never change bags.
  6. thanks for the input everyone :smile: glad to know I'm not the only one not receiving that piece of cloth... I'll think of a way to protect the bag...
  7. You should ask for it from the SA sold you the bag. For long live of the bag, you should have it.
  8. I got a cloth with mine, but that was b/c I asked for one in the back and not the display model. Its just a piece of felt though...I took it off right away and most likely threw it out.
  9. I got a cloth with mines, but I think I threw it away when I took pics of it. I don't really think it's necessary to keep. And this is coming from the girl that wishes they would give you boxes for absolutely everything.

    I've had my flap since March. It's white and still looks brand new.
  10. I think my 2 classic purchases came with it.
  11. CONGRATS on you new bag. :yes: I didn't receive the cloth with my lambskin flap; however I did receive one with the ID wallet I purchased of the same material.
  12. I had the cloth in my bag, but it was brand new. I use it to protect the leather from the chain. It's trouble, but I want to keep my bag in great condition. I would just get another soft piece of cloth or felt.