Question Durability of Bubble Quilt Bowling Bag Calfskin

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  1. Hi, I just purchased the Jumbo Caviar Flap bag at Saks. I fell in love with the Grey Bubble Quilt Bowling Bag $2750; however, I would love some feedback on how well this holds up since calfskin is very delicate and scratches easily.

    I want to use this as an everyday bag. My SA said Caviar is the best leather that Chanel has and most durable. So my questions are:

    Has anyone used it daily and what are the results ... are there any scratches, does it show dirt easily? How well does it wear? Will it last for years like the Caviar?

    Is this calfskin coated, can it refinished if scratched?

    Any feedback would be welcomed.

    Thanks .... Francesca
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    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    I was wondering if you did a search about the durability of a bubble quilt bag. I remember a member posted something about it recently. I am sorry I don't remember who posted it or exactly when.

    I found the post, but I don't know how to attached the link. Here is the exact name of the post: "My Bubble Quilt is one tough Diva!"
  3. Thank you to both girls. I found the post and I'm shocked. The leather must be coated. That's great. I do wonder if it scratches though. Calfskin is very delicate ...if you find any other posts let me know.

    Again thank you. It's between the Chanel bubble or the Large Lady Dior Patent.
  4. Hi I'm just a hair from buying the bubble quilt bowler. I'm told it lasts well and you can wipe it down if something spills on it.

    But I was wondering if it scratches easily as Calfskin is very delicate.

    If anyone has it, I would love your feedback.

    Thanks Fran