Question Botkier Sasha, Trigger Or Ysl Muse?

  1. Hi All,

    I Am Looking For A Large Black Lether Bag.
    I Am Torn Between The Botkier Trigger Or Sasha Or The Ysl Muse Bag.

    Which One Is Most Comfortable, Practical And Also A Day And Evening Bag.

    Thanks For Your Help.
  2. Muse!
  3. It also depends on your body type. If you are on the petite side the muse may be too overwhelming for your figure.
  4. I am actually on the big side. I am 5.7 and size 14 so i am a big girl. so i need a big comfortable bag with good straps.
  5. My vote is Muse. The Botkiers are nice but you're looking at two totally different levels of bag, IMO. And two different price levels. If you want to spend for the Muse, go for it. I recently bought my first Muse bags and they are divine. And they get lots of attention and compliments...quite a few new ones on BG that I saw earlier...
  6. I vote for the Sasha. Looks great, has two different looks.
  7. the trigger is actually pretty small in comparison to the other two. i would vote for the Sasha, it's a handheld and a shoulder bag, it's functional and a lot cheaper than the muse.
  8. I vote for the muse...I find it very classic.
  9. go for the muse.
  10. I would go YSL Muse or Botkier Sasha. The Botkier Trigger's time is over now.