Question abt BalNY

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  1. After much deliberation... I've finally decided that my next bag will be a Balenciaga and since I'm going into NYC this weekend :devil::rochard:

    I have a couple of questions though... does BalNY usually stock many bags in their boutique? I'd really love to be able to cash-and-carry my bag instead of waiting a couple of weeks for it (plus, I live in a dorm room so I ALWAYS feel guilty whenever I've got packages coming in for me). Does BalNY allow that - or are they strictly on a "walk in and order, we'll ship your bag to you" kinda thing? I'm probably looking at the White City.. unless of course something else tickles my fancy :greengrin:

    Gosh, I'm such a Bal virgin... but I'll appreciate any help you can give!
  2. Ooh, fun! If they've got what you want, it's yours! I don't know if white Cities stay in stock or not but I doubt it will be a problem. New stuff is coming in too. Have fun!
  3. I think they are still out of the white City bags. Aloha Rags did get them in and has them. BUT maybe there are whites in the 40 boxes that they received today. :drool:
  4. Yeah, be sure and check them out soon, because your bag may be somewhere in those 40 boxes!!

    Does each box have multiple b-bags, or is it just one b-bag per box? ;)
  5. I think I read somewhere that it was about 10 bags per box? Not so sure though...

    Ohhhh... I'm excited! Hopefully no one snaps up a white city before I get there!
  6. The store is so much fun and they do usually keep quite a bit in stock:yes:
  7. I'm crossin' my fingers that one of those in stock is a white city! :love:
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