Question about YSL dust bags

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  1. I bought a YSL Kate Tassel from an Instagram reseller and I think I may have gotten scammed. :sad: It came in a very sturdy box but the dust bag stitching is crooked and the material feels cheap to me. There are also some loose stitches on the inside.

    Is this a sign that it is a fake? :sad:
  2. Is it possible to post pictures of the dustbag you recieved?
    Last week I bought the Kate tassel bag from the SLP store in Copenhagen, and my dustbag has loose stitches inside as well :doh: 13621574_10207000282987742_1561716758_o.jpg
  3. Here are my photos. Keep in mind that mine might be non-authentic. :smile:

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  4. [​IMG]

    You might be right.. when comparing my dustbag with yours, then its not authentic.. My dustbag doesn't have black stitches and yours is missing the saint laurent label.. The fabric on your dustbag seems more stift, but yeah I hope you didnt recieve a non-authentic bag as well :sad:
  5. Thanks for this thread. Just received an SLP and was shocked by the low quality of the dustbag in comparison to my old YSL pieces. Oh well at least my bag is gorge.