Question about Timeless Clutch (A32342)

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if someone could help me. Is the Timeless Clutch (A32342) in caviar with gold hardware their classic range?

    I was in the Sydney, Aust boutique on the weekend asking for it and they said its not. The caviar with silver hardware is classic but caviar with gold hardware is not. Apparently they did however released caviar with gold hardware a few seasons back or it used to be in their classic range but its not anymore. Can someone please clarify?

    I have seen the timeless on blogs in caviar and gold hardware and would love to own one.

    Also for everyone who has this classic, is it a good piece to have in your collection.

    Thanking everyone in advance

  2. I believe the Timeless Clutch in caviar with GHW is seasonal. If I'm not wrong it's part of 12A collection?