Question about the Rorie Flats

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  1. I dunno but those are great! And match your vacation bag!
  2. They sure do! I just discovered them and the fact that they were onsale at Macy's for $69, but I need expedited shipping to receive them before we leave. The online SA was nice and waived the basic shipping fee so I only had to pay $10 for shipping instead of around $20. (I know that you are very familar with shipping fees!)

    I really hope that they they arrive in time and they fit and are comfortable - because they are so cute!
  3. Yesterday I finally went out and bought 2 new swimsuits - I hate buying swimsuits! Cute shoes are much more fun!
  4. At least the swimsuits should be inexpensive this time of year!
  5. They weren't all that cheap, it gets expensive to find a decent suit as you get older! Plus I had to pay a little extra to get them altered. For years I didn't know that it was possible to alter swimsuits but now I know better! I am short and the straps are always too long, and they stretch out even more when they are wet - so you can have them shortend!
  6. Did not know you could alter them! That's good to know! It is so hard to find good support for the girls, WWIM? Off topic, I know...
  7. RorieFlatNavy.jpg