Question about the new Azur line

  1. I really like the idea of the azur line and am thinking of getting the pochette BUT I have no LV boutique anywhere near me. Could someone try to describe the coloring for me? Also, if you have the azur already, can you tell me what colors you wear with it.

    TIA! :yahoo:
  2. Have you looked at pics posted by PFers who have bought from that line already?
  3. yea, that is what I was doing before I posted, I was having a hard time telling
  4. I think it looks purple when you look up close. From farther away it takes on a blue-ish hue. I held it up to different colors in my closet and found it looks really good with denim, all the shades of blue, purple, pink, even camel. It takes on a neutral look when you pair it with black or gray. If you put it with blue it looks blue, purple it looks purple. Any pastel color will look good with it, and the camel color really looks good IMO. Red and green don't look that great, but it really doesn't compete with the color you wear. The other squares are a cream and natural color, very neutral and appear lighter from a distance.
  5. Hopefully someone who actually owns it and can carefully inspect it can tell you. After seeing it IRL on Tuesday - I still can't really say for sure what colours are in there. But then again I wasn't inspecting it.

    I would say a cream and then a grey/purple/lilac/lavenderish colour.
  6. i would say its a grey blue, but if you look closely its grains of blue.. if you put a blue vernis indigo cles next to it it realllly looks blue, but from afar its greyish.. its quite netrual... i love it
  7. Thank you for the investigative report Texas Girl ;)..I am starting to get convinced LOL Thank you too jadecee!

    sounds great...I have been wanting something in navy... so maybe this can fill my void..thank you baby boo
  8. I would describe it as a warm creme colour, very light light butter, like 5% butter colour.

    Then , yes, a very light shade of blue/purple, almost a shadow of that colour

    Very Beautiful !
  9. 5% butter huh. Wow you are getting technical. However i concur. Its a creamy, 5% butter white and almost a purply (up close) blue/steel grey from far away. It is gorgeous!. Do buy one:yes:
  10. I think it just looks gray (maybe little hint of purple) it is quite neutral like baby boo said. I used my speedy yesterday with a cream color capri and gray tank top. Today I'm using my speedy again and I'm wearing jeans wth a gray top over a white cami. Also wearing a gray/purplish eyeshadow haha. After this the speedy is taking a rest.
  11. Here is a close up pic:

  12. Here it is with Grey from further away. And yes me in my sweater and flip-flops again. I truly am a class-act! LMAO!
  13. ^ haha at least it's better than the one I posted, with my home clothes, a tshirt and shorts. I'll post a better later with what I'm wearing today.
  14. LOL- We all do it! I was rushing to pick-up my son from school and threw on the flip-flops! I swear I don't actually get out of my car go anywhere looking like that! LMAO!
  15. All depends the lighting..if you look at it outside, the bag looks more like dark blue, if you are looks more grayish.