Question about the mirror on GH City bags

  1. What do you do with the mirror on your bag? Do you keep it inside or outside? Trying to decide what looks best... (Think it's different with regular hardware because of the additional tassles.) Thanks! :smile:
  2. I am very dull. I tie it round my front handle and stuff it in my front pocket as with all my bags (RH and GH).
  3. The first thing I do when a new Bbag arrives is take the mirror off and put it along with all tags and cards in the dust bag. That also helps me keep track of which card goes with which bag since the mirror is the color of the bag! I never use the mirror so I just put it away. I do this on GH and RH bags.
  4. I take the mirror off and put it away w/the extra tassels, cards and dust bag, I think it looks weird to have a mirror hanging off your bag... :confused1: :shame:
  5. I put it away with my other stuff too.
  6. Thanks all! Think I'll put it away (which was my instinct - but then I began to wonder!). :smile: