Question about the lining of the Hayden Harnett Nico XX

  1. I have seen the HH Nico XX lined with the floral twill, and it supposedly might also have the lime green logo twill and the blackl logo twill lining also.

    Does anyone know if indeed this bag is available with the green or black linings? Does it depend on the season? I don't like the floral lining so I'd like to get one of the others. The HH website erroneously shows the lime green lining for the black Nico when apparently the black bags they have available for sale have the floral lining.

    Can anyone help with this confusion?
  2. I think, but I am no expert :smile:, that the lining depends on the colour of the bag. I have the nico in luggage and the inside is a beige logo lining.
  3. You could call or e-mail Hayden-Harnett and ask - their info is on their site
  4. Ask on their new forums!!

    I think the funky floral linings are only in some of the first released bags. I owned a Nico briefly.. it was a tone on tone HH print on twill.. very nice lining, but nothing like what you are describing.