Question about "The Kid"

  1. I am looking at getting this bag but I wanted to know what all the color choices were. So far I've seen it on ELuxury in gold and online Neiman Marcus in black patent. Does anyone know of any other choices? TIA
  2. ^^
    There looks to be an amazing navy blue with python trim coming out for the fall! When I went to Saks at the beginning of August, the SA said they shoudl be coming in soon.
  3. Ok this little guy is perfect for me! In fact, I'm getting rid of my 2 full-size stams to make room for more of "the kids" :smile: The size is much more comfortable for me then the full-size stam. This is the gold color that's exclusive on's not shiny or bright at all. It is more like a light muted it pretty much matches with anything! I literally squealed when I opened the box! :yahoo: Here's pics of him beside my full-size Almond Stam.

  4. ^ it's so cute! it would make a great evening bag. you've been on quite the mj spree lately! congrats!
  5. it is really cute! congrats! and tadpolenyc is right, you HAVE been on a kick lately :smile: does this mean your putting both full size stams on eBay?
  6. lol she already has the metallic on eBay, i know cuz i saw it
  7. So cute!! I love this new size. It must be much lighter as well.
  8. Yes, the metallic is so cute, and looks like a more flattering size for "daily wear". I am pulling up another browser to search for some bags....
  9. Yeah I don't live near a MJ boutique OR any stores that even sell MJ so.....I have to take a chance online. And while I love the style of the Stam...the size was just a little too large for me. They just didn't look right. But this little one is just perfect for me! Unfortunately that means I have to give the other 2 stams a better home. Oh well!
  10. I saw a Metallic Yellow "The Kid" last night at Nordstrom in West Los Angeles (at the Westside Pavilion). It's WAY too small for me but it sure was cute! The yellow color was really loud -- I have the Stam in Putty, Bronze and Chestnut and was thinking about acquiring a bright color next -- but not THAT bright and not that small...
  11. its so cute and such a nice color. congrats!!
  12. The Kid is so cute!!! Congrats on finding the perfect size bag for yourself! It's your Goldilocks bag. :p
  13. I wonder abt the color choices as well.

    I'd like to get Berry for the Kid. So far, I've seen only Berry classic stam and little stam.

    Anybody knows???

    TIA too:heart: