Question about the Eliza

  1. Is the Eliza alot bigger than the Shirley? I am trying to decide between the 2. Also does it have all the 33 colors or is the bag too small to have all the colors? Do you consider it a more casual bag than the Shirley? I have the MC white Koala wallet, will it fit both bags or just the Eliza?Thanks
  2. Hi there!

    I just purchased the Eliza and it is one of my favorite bags :smile: It is much larger than the Shirley and the pochette. I can comfortably fit a Porte Tesor International wallet, a wapity, a cles, an ipod holder and my cell phone in the bag without any problems. I doubt a Koala wallet would fit in the Shirley. The Eliza looks in pictures much smaller than it actually is.
  3. The Eliza is a beauty :love:
    I considered buying this bag, but I ended up w/ the Lodge PM cause it was roomier. But if you're between the Shirley and the Eliza, I'd say go for the Eliza!
  4. I love my Eliza. It is very roomy. I put my Porte Tesor International wallet, Gucci sunglasses w/ case, cell phone, and pressed powder compact, and still could pull the zipper up. It is more casual than Shirley.