Question about the colors of Chanel tote

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  1. Hello there,
    I am a new member and just want to say Hi to everyone :smile:
    I have been lurking around for a while, browsing all the stunning collections you guys have...
    :love: :love:

    But I do have a question...
    You know the Chanel cavair tote that they have every season...
    I saw this one picture Kat posted and her silver tote was exceptional!! It was so gorgeous!

    I am just wondering if that color is for this season or was it past...? I researched a little bit and found out that in a Japanese magazine, they are showing it as s/s 06 colors but I am not entirely sure...

    Love the tote and thought I would ask. :shame:

    I thank you all in advance...anything would be helpful...
  2. It's the smaller caviar tote w/the chain handles right? If it is, I'm not sure if it's past of this season, but they currently have it in few of the Chanel stores I went to. Also, it comes in beige, black, white and I also saw this very very light sea green color which was absolutely beautiful.
  3. Oh really!?
    Thank you bella1 for helping me out...!
    I wonder what the seagreen color would be...:nuts:
    However, considering the popularity of Chanel here, I doubt if they have that color...

    Which Chanel stores did you go to...? Mind letting me so I can give them a call...?

    I love the cavair(???) line and the lambskin even better however I sweared that I would not purchase any lambskin in non-dark colors...

    Thank you again. Everyone, please share.
  4. When I went, they had it at the 15 East 57St. Chanel boutique, Bergdorf Goodman Chanel section and Saks 5th Chanel section. (all located within blocks of e/o in NYC around 5th Ave). This was a few weeks back, but I'd think at least one of them should have it.
  5. Cool, thank you so much bella1 you have been kind.

    I called up the Chanel 800#(international calls!!!) and asked and the SR claimed that there won't be any new colors for the season, is that true?
  6. I bought my Chanel tote a couple of months ago at the Chanel boutique on Spring Street in Manhattan. My bag is actually gold not silver. The color of my bags are a little off in my pics. If anyone can clue me in as to how to take better pics please enlighten me. One of my BV bags in the pic looks black, but it is actually a chocolate brown. Don't know what to do to get clearer pics.
  7. Thank you Kat, so its gold. Hmmm. I looked at the pictures shown on the Japanese magazine and the bags did look like gold, but also silver-y. The magazine states it is silver...
    wondering, wondering.
  8. It's slightly metallic so it's very neutral. It's not a real yellow-gold. I'll try to take a better pic of it so you can see. I bet the silver is gorgeous. :love:
  9. Thank you so much Kat!! *hugs*

    I have the larger tote in White or was it an off white, and I want something metalic which would look trendier. I love Chanel's bags and I like them best with chains, so I don't really look at non-chained styles which limited my choices. I am not sure if I should buy the same style over and over you know?