Question about the CC logo...

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask it, sorry if it's not, but looking at a few vintage chanel pieces, I noticed that there's a little indentation on one of the C's in the CC closure for the flap bags. Does it matter which side it's on or where it's at? I noticed on a few supposed "authentic" bags that it was on the right, then some on the left. I looked at the authenticity tips and didn't see anything about it, maybe i missed it?

    I attached a pic from for reference
  2. i have always thought, and believed i have read on the authentication threads that it is always supposed to be on the right. but some of the brand new flaps dont have a stamp AT ALL.
  3. Chanel apparently has been inconsistent about where the gold plating symbol is placed. Most of the time it is on the top left. It can however be on the top right.
  4. oh ok thanks!! puts my mind at ease a little :biggrin: