Question about the Brynne.....

  1. NM had one Brynne in the sales section yesterday. It was $298 and the color is auburn....I went ahead and bought it and ,if I want, I still have time to cancel it.

    I can't find out much about the color, or how the bag looks in general in that color. I have a Sienna in rust, and was wondering do you think the color is too similar? Should I keep the order? ......

    To make it more confusing...I just got a NWT Black Lucy from eBay sBIN so I guess moneywise I am feeling a little guilty....LOL

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :s
  2. Well, I really like my Brynne, but it's in black. I think that's the best color for the Brynne. It just seems to give it an edgier attitude. The auburn I've never seen personally though I think it's next best. The experts will have to chime in on how it compares to the Sienna Rust color. I don't have a clue.

    But, you have been busy if that was you who got the black Lucy this morning on e-bay. Congrats! Your poor credit card! LOL
  3. Ms Lizardo, I was once very tempted by the Brynne in auburn, because it looked bright red in the auction photos I was looking at, which is what I liked. However, the color portrayed wasn't accurate.

    Although the completed listing below is of an Annie, it is in auburn and I believe these photos accurately depict the auburn color (a reddish/brown) so this might help you decide.

    Weren't you naughty this morning... but that BNWT black Lucy looked gorgeous in the pics and was very hard to pass up. Congratulations!

  4. Yes...tell me about it Youngster....The funny thing is I was looking for a black Brynne after hearing everyone talk about how nice they look, and along comes the Lucy. Had to act fast, thankfully Nunnla bought from her previously, so I felt no hesitation.

    I think when I get back from vacation, I'll be thinking of ways to raise some more cash.
    Something tells me that's why Shewolfy has been scarce around here lately LOL.....she probably thinks it will break the bank! :lol:
  5. Thanks Mini.....I'm trying to see if I can get it before my trip next Sat...would love to wear it with some black boots if the weather is indeed fall in NC. We'll see. ;)
  6. I personally think the Brynne looks best in auburn and black. The style is beautiful.
    Does your trip mean there might be some Koobas left for the rest of us on eBay? :graucho:
  8. Hey Ms. Liz! Congrats on the Lucy! Right after I got mine I saw one for a better price and I had hoped you got it!! Yippee :smile:

  9. Yay on the Lucy!! That seller has had some really great bags recently. I like that they're all older lines, so it's been kinda cool.
    Good for you...! :jammin:

  10. Thanks gals....I just got an email from the seller and she is going to ship 2nd day air (very reasonable considering BIN shipping was free) So I should have it soon! She is super nice and designs her own bags, loves them as much as we do I think! :yahoo:
  11. I would like a Brynne. Not sure what color, probably black. Congrats on yours!
  12. Thanks Shockey.....that sounds like the most popular color for the Brynne. I saw NM had one in camel tonight, but it's probably too light. I think someone here thought it was too yellow also.
  13. The detailing on the Brynne is so pretty and the auburn looks a lovely color for the Fall so I hope it comes quickly and you get to take her away for a mini vacation.
  14. I have a brynne in auburn and love it. I don't think the color is "red" but isn't not brown either. It is a wonderful autumn color.
  15. Thanks Mini and Creighbaby........Since shipping was free for $10 they sent it 2 day airmail......It arrives tomorrow!! I also got the Black Lucy today and she is BEAUTIFUL....

    So the BF is trying to pin me down on how many Koobas I am taking for a 12 day trip....I'm pushing for 3, but I don't think he's buying it since we are driving and "supposed" to be packing light!:roflmfao: