Question about the Bow Satchel color (new to Miu Miu!)

  1. I AM IN LOVE with the bow satchel (I'm a little late to the party, I know) and NM has a color listed as gray on their site:

    Is it actually a TRUE gray, or is it more taupe-gray as shown in the picture? It's always so hard to tell online. I don't have time to drive to the closest NM (about an hour away) so I thought I'd ask here. :smile:

    Edited to add: Now I see that there are different sizes! Yikes. Is the one linked above the small one?! No dimensions are given. Is the small really that small or is it okay for those of us who love big bags?

    Thanks so much!
  2. This is the grey called "alluminio." I wouldn't say its a true grey but not so taupey either. The bow satchel also came in a darker taupe grey (which I have and LOVE) called "fumo." The one you're looking at is a light grey.

    Here's a better picture:
    Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you! That does help. I ended up ordering it from BG (no tax and free shipping) so I'll return it if it's too light, but I hope I don't have to!


    Holy crap, I just clicked on the link again to look at it and it's gone already (since I bought mine!?)!!! Are they that limited?!
  4. Thanks lisie! :smile:
    what a pity....I love this taupe gray colour...:cry: