Question about stam handles

  1. Hiii,

    Ive been considering letting go of my blush patent stam I got last year and I noticed I dont wear it as much because the handles dont fit great on my shoulder.

    Is there anyway to stretch out the handles a little bit to make them a tad longer? It's just that the kiss lock makes putting it over my shoulder kind of uncomfortable.

    I hate to let this bag go even though I see some gorgeous new blue and green colors....


  2. I don't really think that the handles are supposed to go over your shoulders. I'm sure you can stretch them out if you tried, but be prepared to keep the bag or sell it for way less since the handles are stretched out.
  3. how could u stretch it? u'd have to take is somewhere, right?
  4. yes, I was going to bring it to this place i bring my louboutins to, they do a really good job on all repairs for handbags and shoes...

    i was just wondering if anyone has ever attempted to have their stam handles stretched a tad...

    The place i may take it to is Arturos Shoe repair in beverly hills
  5. btw, are the new stams still like this? (kisslock jabbing into you when you throw it over your shoulder)

    cos I think the blush stam was from Spring 2006? I forget which season it was now...
  6. mine is fall 06..i think...and it fits over my shoulder if i don't have a bulky jacket on...but yeah the kisslock does kinda stick would be nice if the handles were just a little longer...i never thought about having them stretched tho...pretty good idea tho..if you don't ever want to sell it...:yes:
  7. Yeah, those kisslocks can really get annoying. I think you're right, blush is a spring 06 color. The handles haven't gotten any longer since you bought your bag, of all seasons, the fall 05 handles were a tad longer then those that followed.

    It would be interesting to know if you can get those handles lengthened, esp since it's patent. I would only do it if I was absolutely sure that I was keeping it. If you plan on selling, I wouldn't lengthen the handles.
  8. i like the kisslock for an opening on a bag tho...because when you open the bag you can see everything in it...i pretty much love any bag w/ that kind of opening...just for the fact that i don't have to dig around looking for s/t:smile:
  9. Hi, today i bought my first MJ stam bag (black) from the SF boutique.
    I also thought about if the handles being able to stretch or not after prolonged use because i really would like to put it over my shoulder.

    The only thing that I would be concerned about when stretching the handles are if the plastic coating that hides the seams on the handles....would it crack and split if stretched....

    i think you should ask that when you bring it to the shoe repair guy.

    i dunno its kinda risky.
  10. Yeah it does sound a bit risky...have u considered selling your current stam and hunting down a 2005? I hear the handles from '05 are slightly longer...
  11. My Stam handles stretched for sure. Maybe it's because I carry a lot of crap around? :shrugs: When I first got my bag ('06 stam), the kisslock always dug into my armpit when I attempted to wear the bag on my shoulder. However, the handles kind of stretched a little bit after daily wear. I can now wear the bag comfortably on my shoulder. Also, the leather looks completely fine. It doesn't look worn out. I can just tell the difference by the fit.
  12. ^That's good to know!
  13. thank you archipelago that makes me feel so much better!

    i really want to carry the bag over the shoulder without having to use the chains....
  14. me too...except mine is patent so I dont know how much patent will stretch...maybe i can just have the shoe guy adjust the metal rings part a little...we'll see, cos the more I look at the bag the more i Love it even though it is quite heavy but the color and style is just unique =X