Question about SPANX!

  1. i love my spanx, but i have a question for you ladies.

    what do you do with that elastic thing at the top? is it supposed to fold in? or are you supposed to just leave it as is? it's hard to explain, but it's not really tight around where the elastic is, so if i'm wearing a tight dress or shirt, it'll look kinda lumpy and weird around that area. :confused1:
  2. I am not sure what you are talking about, but Spanx have never worked for me. They cut into my waist creating a lumpy/unflattering look. I tried cutting out the waistband of a pair of spanx and it made them fit worse. But maybe that would work for you?
  3. i'm not quite sure what you mean but i just leave them as they are..
  4. I think you may not have the right size. Mine fit just fine. Granted, I have to hop into them to get them on. But I think you may need a smaller size.
  5. I'm not fond of Spanx either. The top rolls down on me. So if I'm wearing a tight dress you can see the line. I think your referring to the same thing?

    They should make some low rise.
  6. Mine don't seem to do that. It sounds like yours are too big for you. Check the Spanx site. I think they might have some lower rise ones (though I'm not certain!)
  7. I know what you mean, I have the longer ones that come up to just under your boobs, I never knew what to do with it either so I just leave it and don't roll it over as then it would show, I find that they stay up though!
  8. Spanx suck. I have other spanx-like intimate apparel that is FAR better. When I sit in my spanx the top rolls down. That never happens with the other brand that I have. The other brand has a very small reinforcment piece every few inches around the abd. that avoids the, "rolling down". In my opinion, if you think Spanx is the best, you obviously have no idea what it is to own a really great girdle.
  9. ^^^^

    What are these other brands?
  10. I've tried EVERYTHING! The worst are Flexees IMO, they hurt like hell and you can see all the seams. Spanx are okay, but after you wash them a few times, they lose their power. My fave is the Wacoal's Try a Little Slenderness High Waist Brief. It hides the bulges, they stay up, are seamless, and you can wash them a gazillion times and they still work! Worth every penny!
  11. I love Spanx and I've even started my 74 year old mother wearing She loves them too.
    I love the footless tights and the underwear.
    I never fold anything I just put them on and leave as is.
    If they are too tight that may be an indication that you are wearing the wrong size and need to go up a size. No big deal...just try the next size if you are having that problem.