Question about silverado..

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  1. Hi Ladies! I just wanted to ask you a quick question. How big is the large silverado? I have never seen it irl, what do you think about it. I´m thankful for all the help i can get:yes:
  2. Hi, the measures for a large silverado is 16 x 20 x 48 centimeter. If you do a search for silverado, people actually have quite a few threads about silverado.
    Personally, I love the large silverado. It does not look as barrely as how it is on Net a porter. It actually sags a lil more than that.
    I hope this helps.
  3. the large is 20 inches long. I guess if you're a big Bag person, it wouldn't be a problem. I have the medium size and I wouldn't mind going for a larger python one.
  4. I am more of a big bag person so I think the large one would suit me..