Question about selling on craiglist

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  1. Hi everyone I am going to sell a bag on Craigslist and I have a question.

    I am very familiar with ways of not getting scammed because I've sold quite a few things on there but nothing too expensive. I know I'll get lots of distant buyers and such but if I do get a genuine buyer.. my question is:

    I see lots of people who sell LV on there offer to go to the store to meet up and the sales associates happily authenticate items. However the bag I am looking to sell is a Chanel. I have all tags, card, receipts, etc. to show them and pics that I'm going to post so they can have it authenticated that way, but the question is:

    If I went to the Chanel boutique with the buyer would a Chanel SO be willing to authenticate the bag to the best of their ability if they weren't busy or no?

    I am weighing my pros and cons of what it's going to cost to sell it on ebay but I'm really not crazy about the fees lol so I'm going to give craigslist a shot.
  2. I don't think Chanel boutiques can or will comment on whether your bag is authentic. But if you have a particularly good relationship wth some Chanel SA, maybe they would do it for you? Many horror stories on CL, so be careful and best of luck.
  3. Thanks for the response. I wish that I could ask buyers questions to get to know them better without being intruding.

    Like do you regularly purchase bags like this?
    Are you familiar with how to authenticate the bag?
    Are you going to grab the bag and run if it is? lol
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    I think you can ask the buyers whatever you want to. I sold some things locally on CL last summer and I was immediately innundated with e-mail after e-mail of people who were offering me above the price I was asking if I would hold it for them......the scams and excuses went from "I'm out of the country on assignment" to "my representative will come to pay you" and all sorts of other BS. I deleted the e-mails and never responded. You will know it if it's all a lie if it seems to good to be true. These scammers usually want to pay with a money order and while most of us think this is as good as cash, it isn't because they are all phony. Also never give out your bank account number.

    Also if they are coming to your home or you are going to meet them somewhere make sure you bring somebody with you. Never meet anybody alone.

    You probably know all this because you have already sold but I hope my experience can help somebody from getting ripped off and staying safe.
  5. Not sure why this is in the eBay forum, but.... :P

    I never recommend buying or selling on Craigslist. There are so many scams out there right now, and you are offered zero buyer/seller protection. Why don't you just sell on eBay? This way you can check your potential buyer's feedback profile to make sure you are comfortable selling a high end bag to them. Sure you have to pay insertion fees, but doesn't that kind of equal to piece of mind??
  6. lol Sorry about posting here, I saw a few others from before and I didn't know where else to put it.

    Ebay will be my last resort if I can't sell it on Craigslist, I calculated my fees for buy it now and listing it and I think that over $100 for "ebay" to sell it plus paypal fees is not really worth it. Also, there are people who scam on ebay too.
  7. Hehe I figured this much. ;)

    Ok girl, I know that you do not want to pay for the fees, but again... Craigslist offers ZERO protection! The scams on eBay are well documented; however, at least with eBay you have some sort of recourse! Idk, I'm just really scared of Craigslist. I think it's a nasty place filled with scammers who live in Nigeria, but maybe that's just me. :P
  8. Craigslist offers zero protection to buyers. Sellers who receive cash or postal money orders have excellent protection. There is really no recourse for the buyers who wish to get a refund after a cash sale.

    If I could, I would be selling all my expensive stuff on Craigslist. Sadly, Ebay is where all my buyers seem to be.

  9. I've tried to sell on CL, but the problem is is that everyone is ridiculous. I put a Chanel bag up on CL, and everyone wants to "trade" when i'm clearly stating i want $$$$.

    And since i list high price items, i always say to meet at the buyer's bank in public. I don't accept checks because there is a risk they could bounce, so I meet them at their bank so they can withdraw the cash amount (because really, if you're going to write me a check, you should have that much money in your account, right?)

    also, this way the buyer can look at the bag in person and inspect it themselves, and make sure they are 100% positive in buying it. so this is the ideal situation because i get full amount of money, and they get to see the item in person.

    i NEVER conduct ANY transaction outside of the way i just described.

    but you will get nice buyers, annoying buyers, and scammers, you just need to keep a look out.

    i listed one of my Chanel's on CL, and the lady made me jump through bells and whistles taking pictures and stuff of it, and then she said she loved it but offered me $1000 below what i was asking, and i was just APPALLED. i would've rather met her in person, let her look the bag over, and decide whether or not she wanted it.

    but like PippaWA said, Ebay is where all the buyers seem to be. :sad: and i just hate dealing with it, but sometimes its the only route to go when you want to get rid of something and you need the $$$$.
  10. If i were you, i would NEVER sell items on CL. Esp. when it's a $1k bag. Heck, Ebay is my last resort when it comes to selling things :P
  11. I have actually sold and purchased TONS of stuff on CL. I find that typically people are very nice and friendly. The scamer emails are very pathetic and obvious, so I just ignore those. I have never purchased handbags on CL myself. The whole authenticity issue may be an issue for a buyer, but you're the seller, so that shouldn't matter.
    Just remember: never take any form of payment except for CASH. NO shipping. Try to email back and forth with the buyer a few times so you can make sure they are really interested and they don't flake out on you. And always meet them at a public place, like a mall, outside of your work, etc.
    I think the only issue you may have is that CL doesn't get as much traffic, especially people looking for high end bags, so I am not sure you will be able to find a buyer in a short amount of time.
    Have you considered Bonanzle? Their fees are really low, and I think a lot of tPFers have had good luck selling their bags there.
  12. I was selling a high-end bicycle and the buyers (a family of two) asked some usual questions then agreed to come see the actual bike in person. And then they offered me 50% less than what I was asking for. I have set a very modest price to begin with, so that was quite unexpected. They have basically told me that if I agree they will 'take it off my hands' this very afternoon. I was flabbergasted as I did not expect to store the bike for anyone anyways. I declined. Then they told me that's how much cash they have on them so that was their final offer. My boyfriend came home and I have shooed them out. They were very tenacious!

    So get this: two weeks later they e-mailed again asking if the bike was still available for sale. Lucky for me, I have sold it already, but WTF?

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    I posted 2 bags and a pair of R&R jeans on CL and I immediately started getting emails from buyers (that clearly did not know what they were talking about) accusing me of trying to sell fakes and that LV never made that style (they were both LE items). The next message I got was from a buyer who wanted to purchase one of the the bags. The buyer agreed to pay PP and I would ship. I get this really weird email that is clearly not an authentic PP payment. I closed my email and logged onto PP from the website, sure enough there was no payment! I immediatly reported the email and PP confirmed it was phishing! :tdown:

    I would not list on CL too many scammers on there!
  14. I agree with there being lots of scammers on CL but if they are in Nigeria that is okay with me because they can't affect me from over there.

    I checked out bonanzle and it looks good but I would be starting with zero feedback so that might not be too good. At least if I sell on ebay my fiance buys and sells hockey cards and memorabilia (lol his guilty pleasure) so he's got good feedback.

    I am going to see what kind of interest I get on Craigslist and see what happens first. I posted a Tobi steamer that I got for Christmas on there just after Christmas with a full description and someone was all over that baby within hours. The questions are actually kind of funny though so at least I will get some entertainment. "Hi does this do floors?" lol.
  15. Even if you're going to accept cash, bring one of those pens that check for real bills.

    Put on your listing that scammers will be reported to the authorities immediately.

    NEVER use your personal email. Create an email account specifically for craigslist and don't put your personal info on it.

    Good luck!