Question about Scuolas...

  1. I was looking through several Scuolas on eBay since I can't find any stores near me that carry any and I noticed that some of the sellers that are usually really good about putting the backside of the zippers to show the "riri" marking don't show them. Do the scuola zippers not have the riri marking on them? There's one auction that I was looking at and there was a reflection on the zipper so I can't tell if it had the riri marking or not. I can't figure out what's authentic or not besides the riri marking since I'm not too familiar with Scuolas. Any scuola owners have any tips on what I should be looking out for in terms of fakes? Thanks in Advance!
  2. I just busted out my new Scuola :yes: and checked...

    yes, the zipper on the outside pocket should have the "riri" on its backside.

    (The inside plain zipper of course doesn't have it.)
  3. Thanks so much for checking! I saw that some bags had two zipper pulls or something on the outside pocket. Does yours have one zipper pull or two zipper pulls?
  4. i have another question about scuola.. i saw a girl wear it the other day, and although it's cute.. it is a tad small. i'm wondering if it'll fit a slim A4 folder?
  5. Hi Nakobear, there's only one zipper pull on the outside pocket. I took a picture of it and will try to attach it.

    I usually check the site for a picture and description of the general bag model such as Scuola, Gioco, Caramella, etc., but just keep in mind that as they discontinue models it's harder to find the specs for those models. Here's what they say about the Scuola (though they forgot to mention the zipped inside pocket which is the one with the plain zipper):
    "Drawstring top closure; Front pocket with zipped closure; Two side mesh pockets; Mesh pocket with zipped closure under flap; Adjustable shoulder straps; Inside carabiner on stretch cord."

    I also refer for dimensions and most of the older prints to, though unfortunately the newer bag pictures beginning with Pirata are missing.

    Further for authenticity and other pictures there's a bunch of sticky'd threads on this board, so I would recommend perusing through those as you have time.

    Definitely do your research! I just breezed through eBay and there are more than a few that are horribly fake! Make sure the inside color of the lining is the right color, for one. Also, the bag model should be one of the ones listed in the tokidokiblog -- there's no such thing as an "overnighter" bag with its own pocket bag LMAO. Besides all the other authentication criteria, of course.

    For Diana, the Scuola is actually quite sizeable, just a tad bit smaller than regular backpacks by Jansport, etc. I think it's capable of holding any folders or binders. What's A4 size? Is that close to or a little larger than 8.5inches x 11inches? I'm going to try to attach a picture of mine that has a 1" 8.5x11 binder and a red manila folder with various papers in it and my other satellite/makeup bags in it, so you can see there's ample room. On second thought, the binder is stretching it as you can see it's almost hitting the top seam of the backpack. Just the red folder would be a better fit.
  6. Oops I forgot to mention, mine is a Paradiso Scuola.

    I went and looked at the toki blog pix again, so this is in the way of a correction to what I said earlier...
    The older prints (original toki print, original black, playground, cammo's) apparently have two zipper pulls for the one front pocket. Prints after that have only the one zipper pull.

    Hope this helps!
  7. i have a question, too! I was thinking about buying a scuola for school, but I wasnt sure if my laptop would fit. I don't use any other folders or binders, so it would just be my laptop in the bag, with some of my purse stuff thrown in. I have a MacBook, which is a 12 x 8 x 1 inches. Would it fit well?
  8. Hmmm I think the 12" is just barely going to stop short of the top, see how my plastic binder is already super close to the top? But if it's just 8" wide then I think maybe the cloth will shift around to accommodate it, and it won't be too bad.

    Purse stuff should be no problem -- plus if you find it doesn't fit in the main compartment with the laptop, then there's always the front pocket which is surprisingly roomy (just my keys and gum are rattling around in there with all this empty space).

    The best bet is probably stop into your nearest LeSportSac and bring your laptop to test it out. The Scuola bag dimensions should be the same, only the prints differ.

    :wlae: Dunno if anyone else feels this way, but I was walking around with the Scuola on and heard all this jangly tinny sound coming from where (I think) the qee and the chains and the keychain are banging against each other. Maybe I walk funny? But anyway it's getting a little irritating and so I might replace my qee with one of those soft cute little voodoo dolls...
  9. Here are my Scuola pix!
    myscuola-zipper.jpg myscuola-inside.JPG
  10. You might be able to fit it in a Scuola, but it won't provide any protection for your Macbook... your best bet is to get a Cucciolo and use the diaper pad for extra security.
  11. I have a paradiso scuola too, and it fits a lot of stuff... a binder, notebook, and textbooks, and "purse stuff"

    tokibebe- i jingle jangle too. quite unfun when i enter class a tad late.

    but otherwise, i surprisingly love my scuola! i would have never purchased one on my own because i don't usually like backpacks, and i couldn't see myself spending so much on one! but my boyfriend gave it to me for last christmas and it's one of my favorite tokidokis!
  12. I have an inferno scuola and absolutely love it! I don't really care of backpacks,but for some odd reason I really like the scuola. (im thinking of getting another one!) the only junk thing I have to complain about are the straps,they dont offer much support