Question about resale value of bags off ebay

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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, but here goes:

    There's this one seller on ebay (who has 100% feedback) who has sold a bunch of used/like new designer bags (Coach, Dior, Fendi, etc.) at extremely low prices (like 2.50-50.00). I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I bid on this person's item a while ago; thankfully, I got outbid. I know that some bags have a lesser resale value over others, but exactly how low?
  2. That seller had fake bags, you can still muster a 100% depending on how many people have bought, and how many people got refunds and were happy.

    Typically, genuine bags don't sell for much less than 400 under retail, unless they are banged up.

  3. Thanks! I thought it was rather suspicious as well, but everybody kept giving gratitude for the bags they bought from this person.
  4. In my experience, both older Fendi and Prada bags (authentic) sell for way under $400 under retail. I don't know anything about Dior or Coach though and nothing about the resale of the Fendi spy which may be better, But when I was selling off my Fendi baguette collection, resale value on the Baguette was generally not that great--maybe $300 for a really unusual pre-owned one. Prada bags on ebay that are authentic often go for $250 or less, often around $150, a little more for a special one.
  5. Thanks for your imput. However, those price tags seem more reasonable than those that this person had. I think the highest price she sold for a bag was in the 80-90s range. Kinda scary.
  6. Yes--those prices seem off. I can only conclude that those buyers were knowingly buying fakes or were naively innocent.
  7. When you get a suspision on the way a seller conducts their business, always do an advanced search on their recently ended items. If they sold for a not so realistic price, most likely the seller or their items are bogus.
  8. I am wondering about the resale value of a bag that I own. I received a Diane von Furstenberg bag over 2 years ago as a gift and I literally only used it once. It's in perfect condition and I just don't use it at all. Where would you suggest that I sell it, and for how much?? This is my first thread... so be kind! haha
  9. do an advanced search on completed auction of your DVF bag. Base your starting price on what most of them ended for. If you don't see that bag, then start the price at the LOWEST you're willing to let it go for.
  10. Thanks! I'll definitely try that out!