question about recently purchased wapity

  1. Hi guys. I was just on the LV site and noticed that the black multi wapity looks a little different than the one I just bought from a "my poupette seller".
    please take a look at mine and let me know what you think.

    View attachment 9708
  2. sometimes on eluxury they use a protoype photo. I never inspected the MC wapity in person so I wont say yay or nay, but for the most part you should be safe as long as that MPRS was really on the MPRS list.
  3. Yes, they are on the list and I have purchased from them before. Thats why I kinda panicked when I saw the LV photo.
  4. Most of the MC pieces are different than the Elux pics. The Speedys on Elux show red LV's which we all know don't exist. I know someone on here just bought the white one so maybe they'll throw up some pictures of theirs to compare.
  5. your wapity looks exactly like mine (which i bought from the lv boutique).
    i think you're safe.
  6. whew! thanks!
  7. it is good.