Question about Rebecca Minkoff MAB or Mini

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before ladies, but I really want one of these bags but I don't know what the inside is like. I've looked everywhere for a picture, but can't find any. Those of you who have one: any pictures you can post? Or could you describe the inside? Mostly want to know if it's one big pocket or if there's any zippered compartments? Any help is appreciated! TIA!!
  2. I have the Mini and it contains: a zipper compartment, and two other compartments that are divided (for cell phone keys or lipstick etc.). On the outside there is also a zippered compartment. Sorry no pics but I hope the description helps.
  3. Is the zipper compartment a small one? Or the large kind that divides the inside in two?
  4. It's smallish. Decent sized to me. No bigger or smaller than the typical inside zip IMO. There are two pockets on the inside. Slip pockets for the PDA or cell phone. Otherwise its just a big compartment. I have the dark grey mini and I love it! Even though it's all one big space inside, my things stay remarkably well organized. I think it's because of the shape.
    The leather is gorgeous and smells delicious. Every now and again, I get a whiff of it while I am sitting at my desk. And it's not all that close by!

    I think the regular MAB may have an additonal pocket. but don't quote me.
  5. Thanks ladies!