Question about prada authenticity card

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  1. Hi prada experts, I got a question for you. When you purchase a prada bag at the dept. store - Barneys, NM, or Saks, do the dept. store stamp and mark the date of purchase on the prada authenticity card? I am asking because I bought a prada bag at Barneys and the SA didn't stamp the authenticity card, and I am not sure if the warranty is still in effect should I need to send my bag to prada for repair.
  2. They don't always stamp the cards. I think maybe in an actual Prada boutique they might, but come to think of it, I believe even the boutiques are inconsistent about that.
  3. only the Prada boutiques do that for me
  4. So if the dept store doesn't stamp the auth. card, would I have problem in the future should I need to take the bag back to prada for repair?
  5. Your purchase will be on file at the store, so they can pull that up. It's always a good practice to save your receipt too, just in case.