Question about Pearls and Diamond Jewelry...

  1. I'm thinking about wearing a pearl necklace on my wedding and I was wondering...if I wear a pearl necklace, can I wear diamond chandalier earrings? What if I wear a pearl necklace AND a pearl the diamond chandalier earrings still work??

    TIA!!! ;)
  2. Honestly, it all should be gorgeous! I love pearls and diamonds!
  3. ^ Thanks lovehermes! I was worried that a pearl necklace and pearl bracelet would mean that I would have to wear pearl earrings...
  4. I don't may be too much...

    My friend did a pearl necklace, diamond bracelet, and a a little dangly pearl earrings and it was gorgeous. Now I'm trying to imagine her with diamond chandalier earrings, I think the the earrings and the necklace would compete with each other. I'm assuming you're talking about a single strand of pearls? Do you know what type diamond chandalier earrings? (like very bling bling, or subtle) an example would help. :smile: Also, how much details does your dress have?
  5. might be right gingerfarm...

    But what if we're talking a single strand of pearls and reasonably sized diamond chandalier earrings? The earrings would be delicate and vintage looking and a tasteful size - not like those huge chandalier earrings Beyonce used to wear all the time!! My dress doesn't have a crazy amount of beading like a lot of wedding dresses do, so it won't really come into play here...
  6. It could work if it's not the huge earrings...not more than halfway down your neck.

    I was debating a similar dress has some rouching (no beading), so I decided that I'm just going to wear some chandalier/dangly earrings...since I think adding a necklace will take away from the dress.

    It's also all about proportions...if you wear some 12mm pearl strands, then smaller on the earrings.

    Delicate and vintage looking diamond earrings will go well with a pearl necklace. (I was really imagining beyonce at first). :p

    I remember you got stuart weitzman shoes that has rhinestones on it. you know, your earrings would be a nice touch to match.
  7. I love the way pearls and diamonds look together. I think your combo sounds great!

    Congrats on the wedding! I wish you both years and years of happiness together!
  8. Pearls & Diamonds go very well together.
  9. Thanks ladies!! Sounds like I'm good to really start on my necklace search then!!

    I'm considering just a simple strand of pearls, but I'm also really intrigued by something a bit bigger like in the attached pic. But has anyone seen anything like this multi-strand necklace available? It's a pic from The Knot magazine of a real life's an heirloom necklace with a combination of pearls, crystal, and gold. Could I find something with this sort of a look for a reasonable price?
  10. Would you be willing to post pictures of you in both combinations? Or is this something your still assembling?


    P.S. Congratulations!!!
  11. Definitely still assembling!

    I'm actually looking for a necklace that looks like the one in the pic I attached in my last post...
  12. Thanks for the tip passerby! I've been searching Etsy, but haven't found anything quite right yet...still searching!!
  13. Still looking for a necklace like the one in this pic...anyone seen anything like this anywhere???

    TIA!!! ;)