Question about Off 5th (a little off-topic)

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  1. Hi, guys,

    Sorry for going a little off-topic here. We will be driving near an Off 5th in the near future on a trip (the one near Cleveland, in the Aurora outlets I think?) I haven't been to one since my handbag obsession really heated up. I know a lot of people here have found great Kooba deals. I was wondering what other designers they sometimes have good deals on? I'm trying to decide if it's worth convincing my husband that we need to take a detour. :smile: Also, any information about that particular Off 5th would be great, if anyone has been there recently.
  2. Oh, and just to clarify, I mean what other handbag designers do they have, not designers in general.
  3. The San Diego store almost always has som Kooba, Isabella Fiore and many Michael by Michael Kors. They usually have Prada but mostly nylon ones. They often have a few Marc Jacobs. Almost always have Cole Haan. They had some Linea Pella but they're all gone for now. Usually have Betsy Johnson. If you're going you should keep your eye on the deals & steals for coupons as they frequently have 20% or 30% off coupons.
  4. I go to the Off Fifth in Aurora whenever I go back home to visit my family in Ohio. As with most of the outlets, it's hit or miss at times. I have found a lot of really cute bags - Isabella Fiore clutches, Cole Haan bags - but it's really just timing. bIt's worth a detour if it's not too far out of the way. Especially if there's an Off Fifth coupon that weekend. And if there's no Off Fifth near where you live, you should definitely check it out. Have fun!
  5. Most definitely. And right now, it's after Fashion Week, the time of the year where they have the most high end bags - we're talking Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Burberry, many of the designers they don't normally have and they will be at least 50% off retail, probably more. In addition to the bags previously mentioned, they usually always have Cynthia Rowley too.
  6. They have had a ton of bags lately. All the ones mentioned above. I saw a $900 MJ bag for $495. I got a Cynthia Rowley and then returned it for a Isabella Fiore and a Michael Kors. It does depend when you hit the store. I went a week later and didn't like much. Ours also have Coach, Donald Pliner, Lockheart, Linea Pelle, etc.
  7. About Off 5th-what City is it in? I would like to look it up in the direstory for a phone number to see if they would ship to Canada...any help would be great! Thanks girls!
  8. There are a lot of them. If you go to this site, you can search for them:

    It sounds like it can be hit or miss in terms of who has good Kooba deals at any given time, so I guess you just have to call around. Although sometimes people here give good tips about the ones to check out.
  9. Thank you Sarah! I called afew of the ones in California and they say they won't ship to Canada...the Saks stores do but not the Off 5th stores, darn!!
  10. Oh, that's too bad! I wonder why Saks will but Off 5th won't? Do you think maybe some of the Off 5th ones might, or is it a universal policy?