Question about new SUNSHINE MAMs..

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  1. All of the Sunshine MAMs I have seen so far have the new hardware handle attachment, the kind that I am not that in to so I have not purchased one... however when I saw the Sunshine MAM on the Nordstroms website it shows the old style handle attachment. I am hoping this isn't a mistake.

    Can anyone verify that they have actually seen both kinds of hardware on the new Sunshine morning afters??

  2. The nordstom mam has new hardware?
  3. I see the New HW (gold HW) on that website, LR. :thinking:
  4. Not sure about the sunshine color specifically but I have seen more MAB's with the new handle attachment (I'm not too keen on it either),maybe there is a correlation between where they they are manufactured and the handle hardware? Not sure...just taking a wild guess! I remember reading something about a batch of MAM's and MAB's being manufactured at different locations and that's why some have tassels and some don't? Maybe it's the same concept?
  5. I'm not talking about "new" hardware as we all know it I'm talking about the piece that connects the handles to the bag.
    All the sunshine MAMs that I have seen so far have had this type of handle hardware:

    But then I just saw this one that shows the regular handle hardware (the kind that I prefer..)

    Does this make sense??
  6. So I guess my question is.. do some have the weird handle hardware and some have the regular handle hardware??
  7. Thank you for your reply.. you're the only one who really understood the question LOL.. It's my fault though.. should have been more clear ;)

    Hmmm... maybe you're right.. It's a good theory!
  8. That makes perfect sense,I noticed that too! Does my post help with the answer that you were looking for? Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful!
  9. Then again you could just order one and report back to us...LOL!!!
  10. For the newer hardware (with the metal plate), I think I've seen that on mostly MABs. Maybe it's like extra reinforcement for the larger sized bag. The MAMs that I've noticed, for the most part, do not have that plate hardware. But the MAMs with textured leathers might have the plate hardware, combos like the quilted, croc, etc.
  11. Sorry, LR, I didn't quite understand what you meant about "new."

    I agree with the others about the difference between the MAM (new HW) vs. MAB (chunky new HW, short tassels) LoL
  12. Except when I was first going to buy the Sunshine MAM on Luna Boston it has the funky hardware.. It's gone now so I can't pull it up but I'm pretty sure it had the weird hardware which is why I canceled my order. I also thought I saw one on ebay and it too had the "plate" hardware.. hmm.. off to go see! Maybe I imagined this whole thing..?
    Let me see if I can find some back up to support my thread ;)
  13. I have wondered about this as well. Some of the new MAMs have the new handle hardware and tassels while some have the old handle hardware. On Funkylala there is a Fawn MAM w/ the new, but the Peacock and Sunshine MAMs have the old. On LB's site the Fawn they show has the old. :confused1: