Question About New and Old Greens

  1. Could someone look at the 2 green B'bags on the Bob Ellis site and tell me which one is Emerald--the lighter one or the darker one? Or are they both Emerald under different light? I'm very confused about this because there's also 2 greens in Barneys and it seems like Emerald would be the lighter one, but then--what's the darker one? I can't find another color swatch that makes any sense at atelier.naff either. Thank you.
  2. They're both Emerald - the twiggy is just under a really weird yellow light. The lighter green you've seen in Barney's in probably the Origan from the pre-spring collection.
  3. Really? Because it looks sort of kelly green (whereas the darker one looks sort of evergreen) The darker one is the emerald?
  4. Yes both are emerald.
  5. The picture of the twiggy on bobellis is really misleading - the Emerald is actually quite a deep green, a true emerald green. The twiggy's under some kind of weird-ass light in that picture, but its definitely meant to be Emerald tho'.
  6. So the darker green box bag is the truer reflection? That's interesting. I wonder what I'm seeing in Barneys that looks like sort of a Kelly Green color? (I though origan was sort of olive)?
  7. The origan is light olive. Maybe the kelly green was just a lighter leather color than the regular emerald? I have seen some color variation in the inks posted here, so the emeralds may have some variation, too...could be that they got one that is a slightly different color.
  8. I agree--they are both Emerald. I've noticed the Emerald colour often looks brighter than it really is in photographs. I have an Emerald City, and it is a deep, but not dark green...if you have ever seen rough or tumbled Emeralds, that is the colour. (Not bright gemstone quality Emeralds.)

    I did notice that some Emerald bags seem a bit lighter and brighter--I saw a First that was indeed lighter. Apparently there is some variation in the "Emeralds."