Question about my Medallion Tote

  1. I just noticed that on a couple of the diamonds, the caviar leather appears to be "smushed" "sunk in" not as puffy as the rest. I hope I'm explaining this correctly and you understand what I mean. Look at the third and fourth diamond shapes on the first row of the bag, they don't appear to have the same "puff" as the rest. It's not as bad IRL, as a matter of fact, I only noticed when looking at this picture.

    Am I just being paranoid or is something wrong with the quilt or lining???
    IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1138.JPG
  2. I never had that problem with mine. can you exchange it?
  3. ^ Yes, the SA at Saks said I have 60 days.
  4. I'd exchange it. It's probably due to improper storage or something.
  5. Definitely exchange it then. There are still some around so it should not be difficult for your SA to get another one for you. I truly love mine. Best of luck. Keep us updated.
  6. Yah, it's been bothering me and I keep trying to convince myself that there's nothing wrong with it, but when I see pictures of other Medallion Totes, the diamond quilts are all so perfectly even.

    I dunno, I feel embarrassed to exchange it because like I said IRL, you really can't tell and the Sales Associates at the Boutique might think I'm too picky. :s
  7. wow i do notice it
    i had to look at mine to make sure i did not see anything like..
    can you move it around a little to see if it puffs up ?
    if not take it back.. exchange..looks like it could have had something fall on it to smush it in
  8. Please KNOW that people exchange due to imperfections ALL THE TIME. DO NOT be embarrassed and do not keep this due to intimidating SAs.

  9. I tried to move it around with my fingers to see if it would puff up and it still doesn't look like the other diamond quilts.
  10. Agree with Swanky. Definitely exchange it for a perfect one. =)

  11. Thanks Swanky! Your right, I shouldn't let SAs intimidate me. After all, the customer should be completely satisfied, right?

    I know that if I don't exchange it, it will always bother me. I'll try and get to the boutique some time next week.

    Thanks everyone!