Question about MJ style..

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  1. I saw a bag at Bloomingdales today. It looks like Kate, just a smaller size and cheaper (~$600) if I remember correctly. It can be carried as a shoulder bag or crossbody. But when I came home, I could not remember its name!! And I couldn't find the style anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know the name of that bag?
  2. That sounds like it might be the Vera. Did it look like this?:


  3. ^yes!! That's exactly what I saw. Thanks Melly!!:flowers:
  4. so cute! i cant wait until these start popping up in some reveals!
  5. allsaint, do you remember which color that they have? i think i NEED one..
  6. ^indi, I only saw a black one in store. Was trying to find more information... the black one looks great, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted to wear crossbody or as a shoulder bag... I wonder if it comes in blue!
  7. I believe tad listed the colors that the Vera would come in for the Paradise line. I saw it in Black at Bloomies. It's the same price as the Large Single, $625. :yes: No green but I recall a Coral but am unsure bout the Blue. :wondering