Question About Mj Stam Interior..

  1. I am sure this has been discussed about a million times but are the stams on eBay that have the red-ish suede fake? Did they ever line their Stams with that color/ material? I know what the interior of the newer ones look like but I guess I'm just wondering why there are so many with that pinkish-red suede looking material. I've been thinking about getting my first Stam and I'm so afraid to buy one from eBay. I usually know my bag very well when I shop on eBay so I know what to look out for but I feel like every single one is a fake on ebay, you know??

    Just curious- thanks!
  2. Yes the stams with the maroon suede are the most faked MJ bag....but there are some real ones out there. I sugest posting the link to the bag you want in the "Authenticate This" thread. Good Luck!
  3. Some of the "1st Season" Stams have a burgundy colored suede - but those are very few and far between. If you're looking at a Stam bag and want to know if its authentic, I"d recommend posting the auction number/link in the Authenticate This thread.
  4. Of all the MJ bags around, I think I would be most reluctant to purchase a Stam on E-bay. I know there are some great deals, but you really need to get them authenticated before you even think about bidding.