Question about Madeleine GM

  1. Does it only come in black and ivorie? What about red epi?

    Thanks :drool:
  2. Black and Ivorie right now. Maybe once they see how popular it is they will add red?? I hope so!! I have the black pm and love, love, love it!!!!
  3. I haven't seen this one irl yet... I am trying to stay AWAY from LV until after Christmas! I have been a good girl for a few weeks now! ;)
  4. The PM comes in 3 colors black, ivorie and red.
    The GM only comes in 2 colors black and ivorie. I have no idea why they are not making the GM in red.

    I want the PM in red. I think that is going to be my next LV.

    I love this bag IRL!!!!
  5. Yes, only black and ivoire. I just got this bag and absolutely love it. It's perfect for work and is really comfortable to carry on the shoulder.
  6. i LOVE the Madeleine ...:love:
    Gorgeous bag!
  7. i'm dying to see this bag IRL.
  8. I just bought this bag in Black GM, I am totally in love with it! :yahoo:
  9. I really wish they'd make this in red, too, but it does look gorgeous in the black and ivoire. The PM looks FANTASTIC, too, IRL!