Question about LV store/SA

  1. When your boyfriend/husband (or parents or someone else) go to LV store to buy a bag for you, he need to fill those little cards with name, address, purchase etc.. or not?

    Another question, have you ever been at LV store with a consignment bag? Did SA ask you if your purchase was made at their store? what did you answer?
  2. To answer question 1: No you don't have to fill out the card! It's optional. They can fill it out in your name though...that way it starts a file (buying history) in your name.
    The major purpose of them is to send you thank you cards, emails, and to keep track of your spending history (which is important if you're ever tyring to shoot for VIP).

    I haven't brought a non-boutique bag in...but I have talked about them (my LE panda pochette) and they were great and congratulating me for finding a rare piece. They totally understood why I had to not buy from boutique!
  3. Thanks Twiggers! i ask you that because on Monday i think i go to LV, and i'm afraid they see my Speedy (that i bought brand new on ebay) and they ask me "did you buy here or in our boutique?" and at the moment i'll answer them -->ehm...:shame: no!
    I'll embarass myself:upsidedown:
  4. ^^ You can always say it was a gift, too.
  5. Yes, i think it would be the better "excuse":roflmfao:

    Are they authorized to ask me who made the purchase/gift?
  6. What do you mean who made purchase? Are you talking about the speedy you got on ebay? If they ask just say you got it as a gift and they'll leave it at that. I think they'll just be friendly ! In fact, when I took my speedy in they never asked about it at all!
  7. I guess they don't care, I'm sure they wil never ask.
  8. Thanks for replies, ladies! i'm so paranoid:hysteric::lol:
  9. Yea, you can tell them you got it as a gift. They shouldn't pry more than that, especially if they don't know you.
  10. xlaux ~ Oh Sweetie Don't Worry.....If You Need To Say Something ~ Just Say ~ What Makes You Feel Most Comfortable!

    Try & Think About How Much Fun Going To LV Is!!! OK?!!! :smile:
  11. Yes they do ask if you got it in their store or not because I remember when I was getting my luggage tag heat stamped (several weeks after the original purchase date), there was this clumsy new SA and asked me that q. Obviously I bought it from the store, so she didn't say anything after. I think it's cuz if you want to get your piece "special serviced" by LV, they just want to authenticated before actually wasting their time on a fake. However, even if you DID NOT buy it at the store, say it was a gift, or bought it at another LV boutique, the SAs have no reason to object you as long as it's authentic.
  12. Hi, I know total noob question but what does it mean to get your luggage tag "heat stamped??" Is it only for luggage or for bags as well?
  13. They've never asked me where I've gotten a bag, I don't think they really care. But if they do ask, just say it's a gift :smile:
  14. I've never had to fill out a card. And whenever my dad goes in, he just gives them my mom's info and the purchases go on file under her name.
    Also, I've never had them ask about where I get different bags..while I get most of them at the Fashion Valley store, I also get them from Neiman's down the way, South Coast Plaza, the Saks in SCP and have had bags shipped to me from other stores as well as elux. So they know they aren't my ONLY source for bags.
  15. It means they stamp your initials or name in a font and color you select onto a luggage tag, key clochette or other vachetta piece. Gold usually looks best. It just helps in case you want to personalize your bag...sometimes they can do it in store if they have the machine, otherwise if they don't, they have to send it out to a store that can.