Question about Legacy..

  1. So, my two legacy wallets arrived today! :yahoo:

    I have a question about the smaller one though...are they all made with different stripe patterns? I've looked at the ones on eBay, and I must admit that I'm a little bummed that mine doesn't have an orange stripe in it.
  2. Me want one of those soooo bad.....need to wait alittle while though.

    They are both beautiful but I understand what you mean by them all being different and wanting the orange stripe.
  3. is my least favorite color...just send that little beauty right over to my house!:okay:
  4. Yes, they are all different. That's why a lot of people order two of items such as those so they can pick which one they like better. I think they are both beautiful!
  5. your new wallets are so pretty! I want that larger one so bad!
  6. Yes, they are all different, but the one you have is beautiful.:yes:

    Your slim wallet is beautiful as well AND has the orange stripe so don't sweat it! Your collection is gorgeous!!

    If it really bothers you, you can always sell it but honestly everything you have looks great together.
  7. No two are alike! Same with any "scarf" print pieces. Makes it a little frustrating if you have a color preference.