Question about Gucci small messenger bag

  1. Hi ladies,

    I just got this small Gucci flat messenger bag from Bluefly.
    I compared it with other Gucci stuff I have and it seems fine (controllato card, font on tag, etc). Just one question tho, the website says it has a "leather trim", but the bag I got seems to have a more rubbery/plastic trim around it. Does anyone have this bag? It's my first purchase from Bluefly, so I am trying to be careful here.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm sorry I don't have this bag, but the few Gucci purchases I have made from bluefly I believe were real. A lot of boardies too have had positive Gucci experiences on bluefly.
  3. I have bought 2 Gucci's from Bluefly and they are both real