Question about fake bbag

  1. This is a bit embarrassing but I need your guys opinion what I should do best!
    Months before I bought my white twiggy in november I had the misfortune to buy a black city on eBay, which turned out to be a fake :tdown:
    At that time I was not experienced with the details of bbags and only noticed that the leather was not as soft as I had imagined it!
    Anyway, I kept the bag thinking it was real ~.~
    I still have it, but I honestly don't know what do do with it!
    Throwing it away into the garbage would seem a bit drastic, I paid enough money for it then (roughly 350 $) but I cannot wear a fake myself, it's just against my principles, I would not feel well.
    The bag itself does not look that bad, I conditioned it and it got a slouchy touch, the leather is not as stiff anymore, but still nothing compared to the real thing.
    What should I do with it now?
    Reselling it again is not an option either - I would feel like commiting fraud myself >.<

    >no pics of fakes please<

    What would you do in my place with this bag? :confused1:
  2. Do you have a girlfriend that you know would love to have it, just based on its style? (not whether its an authentic item or not).
  3. Is this an inspired Balenciaga or does it say Balenciaga on the interior tag?
  4. I would just give it away. I once got a fake red city and it did look nice as well. I never used it so I cut off the Balenciaga plate and gave it away. At least whoever gets it will think it's just a nice inspired bag not a Balenciaga.
  5. Perhaps donate it to Dress for Success where the women need purses as well as work outfits..sorry to hear of this ..(sadly) know how you feel when ripped off this way..glad to hear you got your REAL Bbag and love it:heart:
  6. Is it too late to contact the seller and eBay, to try and get your money back?
  7. My thoughts exactly. This seems like the perfect solution ;)

  8. I like this idea....perhaps a good friend...sister...sister-in-law...
  9. I would either do what Bern suggested and try to get your money back or, honestly, I would actually throw it out - I couldn't bear the thought of having a fake or passing one on to someone else.