Question about espadrilles

  1. I have seen shoes that are labelled as "espadrilles" that look like wedges, and some that look like flip-flops. What ties them all together? Is it the straw-look that makes a shoe an espadrille style?
  2. Espadrilles usually have a canvas upper. You've probably seen them in many colors. They were really big in the late 70's,as a low wedge slip on. Now, there are many more styles, still all considered espadrilles. For instance, they now may have a high wedges and often ankle laces.
  3. idea is also of a canvas upper,straw or string lower,and a wedge heel of any height. Often involving ankle ties,but not always.
  4. Thanks everybody. :smile:

    I'm not into the straw look... I just don't care for it. In purses or in shoes.