Question about Edith

  1. I am looking to purchase my first Chloe (YAY!:yahoo::yahoo:) and I really love the Edith.

    I live in an area where they aren't exactly easy to find so I will be purchasing it online (from a highly reputable online boutique, of course! Spent enough time lurking here to know that!). Before going ahead, I just had a question: can it be worn on my average-sized shoulder? I know that carrying it in-hand or on the arm is the most popular way but I don't always find it all that practical. Was just wondering if some Edith lovers could give me a hand with this whole shoulder issue?!
    I definitely want to get a size that will fit on a shoulder. Is that possible?!:confused1:
  2. I think I am average/med-large sized, I think, at 5'5" and an 8/10 and there is *noway* I could get it on my shoulder. :push: There are many thin folks who can though. :yes:

    What about a messenger Edith?
  3. I am the same size as you (an 8 on a good day only though!) and a bit taller. I saw the Edith messenger but I don't know that I like the handles AND the strap look. :s I was under the impression that the handles on the Edith were kinda like the handles on the Balenciaga work bag...which, I think, can be worn on a shoulder?!...I have to go through more forum pictures!
  4. Here is a pic of me with my Edith.

    And one that I returned:
  5. Tried carrying my Edith on my shoulder, I'm tall, I could fit one handle on my shoulder, but not both, however, it does work if necessary.
  6. I don't think it's possible to carry on the shoulder. Even if a size 0 was able to squeeze it on there, I think it would be awkward and uncomfortable to carry that way.
  7. I did try to fit mine over the shoulder but it is a tight squeeze and it ends up hurting my shoulder and arms!
  8. I agree with everyone..the edith wasn't made to be carried on the shoulder and if a shoulder bag is what you really want you might want to consider other has a lot of other styles that are easily carried on the shoulder.;)
  9. I agree it is not a shoulder bag, and I wouldn't carry it that way, but I did get it on my shoulder when my hands were full. Didn't want to mislead anyone that it is a shoulder bag, because it is not, it is definitely a satchel. If a shoulder bag is needed, agree that it should either be the Edith messenger or another style bag.:smile:
  10. It doesn't need to be a shoulder bag. Look how ravishing it looks on Kellykapoor's arm. Can't wait til MY TURQUOISE ONE GETS HERE!!!! I don't understand. I've been seeing these bags since I joined the forum - IRL and in pics - and always just figured they were not for me. Maybe a little too structured or something. I just dismissed them offhand. But now I want one on the crook of my arm BIG time.
  11. I'm totally in love with Kellykapoor's bag!!! I guess it just really doesn't fit!
    I am definitely NOT rethinking the Edith though...I'm just going to have to be impractical and carry it around!!
    And I'd also just like to add that this forum is SO SO SO nice and friendly and knowledgeable. I really, really appreciate that everyone chimed it.
    Ok, so now...gotta pick a color! (YAY!!):yahoo:
  12. There is no way I could fit it on my shoulder and my arms are small.

    Kellykapoor, your picture is really making me want to get one in whiskey :smile:
  13. It is such a well made and stunning bag! I am glad my pics helped :tup::heart::yes:

  14. Girlfriend you started the feeding frenzy right?? Wasn't it you that sniffed out the NMLC Edith deals and posted them here??? NM should be giving you a free bag for all the business you have generated for them, LOL! Anyway it was that trend that made alot of us rethink the practicality and beauty of the shy but seductive EDITH.:girlsigh:
  15. :woohoo: kellykapoor! Woohoo!:tup:

    Ediths ... bringing the world together. :love: