Question about design of Mon Canvas Wallet with zip pocket

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm asking this in the right thread so mod please move it if you want...Can anyone tell me...didn't the original style of the Monogram Canvas wallet with zip pocket not have the credit card slots in the inside back pocket. I purchased this wallet at the Louis Vuitton store when it first came out and it did not have the credit card slots inside (just on the outside front). Now the newer design of the same wallet has the credit card slots inside the wallet too. Can you please verify this. Thank you so much
  2. You're right. The pochette wallet didn't have any credit card slots before.
  3. I thought the older style had the credit card slots on the inside only and not the outside. I thought it was the outside slots that were later added, but I could be thinking of another wallet.
  4. The really old style didn't have any cc slots at all. This I know for sure. It has been modified throughout the years and now it has 10 slots. Before the 10, it was 6 slots.