Question about Cotton Club Tote

  1. I am loving this bag in the light silver and I need to know a couple things...

    Firstly I have seen y'alls pix of the large and medium - is there a small?

    Also - is the top of this bag zippered?

    And lastly - what is that outter zipper for? The diagonal one on the lower corner of the bag... does it open? What could you possibly fit in there?

    Thanks gals!:heart:
  2. Yes, the totes are zippered closed.
    The little zipper detail IS working, but I wouldn't put anything in there, it would bulge or be noticabley unless it was a piece of paper or something. . .
  3. This is a really fun tote, I tried the smaller one on (I think, the one that's $1995) but it's actually bigger than what I prefer for everyday use, it's similar in size to my LV Bat. Horizontal which I wind up pushing aside for my smaller bags.......anyway, it's VERY pretty IRL and the color is beautiful.
  4. The $1995 is the bigger version.

  5. :yes::yes::yes:

    I personally like the large tote better ;)
  6. I have the one in medium!!
    For cotton club tote! They only comes in Med and Large size! The tote zippered closed! And, the outter zipper is just a design!! The light silver is very PRETTY!~~
  7. The silver is TDF!! My has the large tote and I love drooling over it!
  8. if i didn't already hve a cambon tote i'd totaly got for the cc, the metallics, silver and gold are tdf! just gorgeous.
  9. It is not a true zipper closure on top....the cloth dips into the tote so rain could get's not like your LV Damier Azur Saleya MM Whitslerchic....I have both bags and only the LV is completely zipped.
  10. it zips closed though, someone can't dip into your bag when you aren't looking.
    I count it as a 'true zipped closure'.
  11. If rain can get in it I don't consider it a true zip! Living in the Northwest makes this a very important detail.
  12. so the 1995 is the large tote?? cause i found it a little big for my taste too. is there a medium? and how much would that be?
  13. the medium is 1595
  14. Thanks for the info guys! I literally cannot stop thinking about this bag!!!!
  15. That's so funny. I consider a true zip to be one that prevents someone from reaching their hand inside your bag. :smile: This zipper does keep things very safe.

    I thought that little side zipper area was for your keys...