Question about changing out hardware on Vintage Chanel

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  1. I just bought a vintage black lambskin classic 2.55 medium flap. It's in great condition but the gold hardware looks somewhat dull and silverish due to it's age. My question is, if I take it to chanel to change the hardware will it hurt it's resell value? I know dyeing the lambskin will make it harder so I am not even considering that but i would love shiny new "gold" What are your thoughs on this?? Should I replace the hardware or keep the old hardware?? I want my chanel to retain it's value as much as possible :smile: TIA!!
  2. I would be interested to know too!
  3. personally, i would replace or get it redipped. i would imagine that the resell value would increase because the hardware is cleaner.
  4. Hardware or leather refurbishment done by Chanel, it will increase the value of the purse IMO.
  5. I thought so too but just wanted to make sure. So should I ask for a replate or just change out thee hardware??? The hardware is not in bad shape, just not as "gold" as I would like..
  6. question ladies about vintage chanel purse... is it ok to still use the vintage chanel flap year 2001? or better to buy a new one?
  7. My personal preference would be to have the original hardware replated - keep the vintage bag as original as possible. They may not have the correct hardware for total replacement.
  8. Thanks for all the replies!!! Here are some pictures of my vintage 2.55 lambskin classic.




    See how the "gold" is not as yellow and shiny?!?! I guess that's to be expected of a 20 year old bag...