Question about care of Cambon tote leather..


Chanel Hunter
Jul 29, 2009
Sydney, Australia
Hello peoples :smile:

This is my first post so forgive me if I appear naive or clueless lol..

I am an avid bargain/antique/secondhand/op shopper and love hunting for designer pieces and have found a few which are real..

The latest is my black Cambon Large Tote with hot pink lining and patent CC's on the outside. It also came with authentication card & sticker, care booklet and dust bag. It even had the little plastic circle button which is on the price tags on it still..

The bag overall is in good condition with no rips or significant damage, however it does show the signs of everyday love (wear) but it is not major. It is mainly on the handles which is not too obvious. I know it says in the care booklet do not use polish on it. The patent CC's are perfect and the silver hardware is fine also.

Unfortunately the person who had the bag last has let a pen draw on the hot pink lining a little (grrr!).. thankfully it is on the bottom which is currently covered up with all my stuff lol

What can I do to perhaps look after it and "cover up" the slight wear on the handles and also maybe remove the pen marks?

Thanks in advance :smile:


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
Boca Raton, Fl
i have a Reporter (from the cambon ligne) in the same leather...dont worry about the small imperfections...i dont think ink can be removed, but if it were me it would not keep me from loving the bag!! your bag sounds lovely. congratulations!


May 18, 2007
I actually found the leather on my Cambon Tote to be quite delicate. With about 6 months of everyday (but gentle) use, the corners were all dinged up. I don't think that there's much you can do, but maybe consider having it refurbished like nat suggested. Congrats on our new bag!