Question about buying chanel in US and shipping to another country?

  1. Hi, gals
    I recently heard that if you buy chanel in US boutique and ask them to ship to an international address, you dont have to pay the tax. is that true???
    And i also want to know how to perchase the bag if i'm not in the US?
    Sorry , too many questions:confused1: and i'm in Australia. The price here is higher and less choices on bags:crybaby:.
  2. Yeah, you pay taxes when it arrives in Australia, but they don't charge you US taxes.
    You can just call the boutique directly and purchase it thru your credit card
  3. Once it gets to Australia you'll pay tax and duty.
  4. yep, dreaded customs and shipping will add alot onto the price :sad:

  5. thanks a lot!! :yahoo: