question about bucket bags

  1. so i know someone posted not too long ago about ordering the little cases that come inside the buckets seperately for about 175. so i have 2 questions:

    1. do you think they would do this for the mini lin

    2. how big are the cases again? what can they hold? what can they be used for?

  2. Are you talking about the cosmetic pouches that come with the buckets? For my mono, I paid $150 (it used to be $140) without the chain. They're approximately 4 x 6; they're definitely a little bigger than the mini pochette accessories.

    I can fit my cell, a pen, some lipsticks and a compact. I can't fit any more than that, though. I guess you can throw some cash in there, too, but I don't like it when my change is rolling around in my purse. I tried fitting a cles in there, but found it very difficult.
  3. hmm...thank you. i'm going to lv later this week so i think i'll ask to see it irl. thanks!
  4. Does anyone know how much it is with the chain?
  5. I was able to use it as a little makeup case- it held the essentials, but as a purse, it's a bit difficult to hold more than an ID card case, cash, a cellphone and keys, and even those 4 items would be pushing it, depending on how large your cellphone is. If you can get the larger pochette, I'd suggest that over the mini one.

    ETA: I don't know if it comes with the chain or not. The chain was actually connected to my bucket bag, and the mini pochette hooked on to it in the bag. I had to get a pochette strap to be able to use it as a little wristlet/purse.
  6. hmmmmm i am wondering....maybe i should buy one...
  7. Oh, I am glad you posted this, I completly forgot I was going to ask an red epi one!
  8. ^chain is additional $60-$70 if you add the pouch the price is pretty close to a monogram pochette
  9. oh it wouldn't come with the chain?