Question about Bourbon Jillian.

  1. I just received my Bourbon Jillian from Revolve today. It's a lovely bag, but I do have some concerns that it may be worn or not brand new due to Revolve's two month exchange policy. It do come with the dust bag, but has no tag. Also this Jillian feels very soft and come with a few scratches, brand new Jillians should be a little stiff, right? Only with wearing it'll soften by itself. I do love the bag, and got it at a great price, just these 'flaws' bug me a little. Should I keep it? :confused1::crybaby:
  2. Hi Missgarfield, I don't personally own a Jillian though I did have one for a couple of days that I returned. Mine was definitely brand new and the leather was a bit stiff. I also didn't notice any scratches on it at all, though the leather is supposed to be pebbly and uneven.

    If you are concerned and it bugs you, I'd return it. NM still has Jillians in bourbon at $327 as of this morning.
  3. Hi Youngster, this has been my 2nd Jillian, first I ordered Sand, but don't feel the color, so I exchanged for the Bourbon. I'm still not sure, because I live in Toronto, I'll waste money to ship back to Revolve, plus the tax I don't know if I can get back. BTW, could you tell why did you return your Jillian? :confused1:
  4. My bourbon jillian was brand new with tags, and it had a few small scratches. They weren't deep, just on the surface. This type of leather scratches easily. Someone with long fingernails could have easily scratched it when they packaged it up to send to you.
  5. Hi LoriB, is your Bourbon Jillian very soft when you first got it? Mine don't come with tags. I ordered Annie and Brynne from Revolve earlier this year, all came with tags and wrapping. So this time I feel it might be a return, the worst situation is that it's been used for a while.:sad:
  6. Mine is slightly stiff, but not too much. Yours might be a return. If the bag does not make you happy or if you have doubts, you should return it and request one that has tags.
  7. I returned mine because I'm just not sure it's "me". I had it in black and thought maybe it was just that color. So, I've been debating about getting it in bourbon. I do love the bag on other people. I enjoy the photos; I drool over it. But, when it comes down to it, it's just not me. So, I keep passing up chances to purchase it on sale.
  8. I think yours was probably used for awhile and returned. Jillians are a bit stiff until they have been used a bit. I'd probably send it back. The site didn't sell you new bag as it says. I think returns that are obviously used should be marked as such and marked down further.
  9. Hi Lexie, it's has been my pain. I took the bag home last night and tried it many times, it is a beautiful bag, even my hubby who normally doesn't care about fashion love it on me. Also I know it's very hard to find now, I'll be so sad to send it back not because I don't love the bag. I've send email to Revolve to see what they'll say. :confused1: