question about BCA coupon at Tanger

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  1. I have a 20% off Coach coupon that is current. Do they combine them with the Tanger coupon?

    That would be just tooo amazing.
  2. no they don't combine it. i wish... lol
  3. I thought not. A girl can dream. . Actually, that saves me a trip to the outlet I don't like.

    I might make a run to the outlet I do like, which isn't a Tanger one.
  4. You defintely would make out better at Coach Tanger. You get 25% off rather then the normal 20 with coupon.
  5. It might be worth it to go to Tanger. Depending on what you buy 25% vs 20% could make a big difference. I bought a bag last week with the 25% off coupon and saved an extra $20 over what I would have saved using coach's 20% off.
  6. Also think about the other stores at your Tanger outlet that participate in the BCA coupon event. You could end up saving even more!:P