Question about Ada

  1. What colors did the Ada come in? I have only seen it in black and bourbon, but was out looking on eBay and thought it might be nice in other colors. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey Surly,

    The ada came in Sand, Bourbon, Black, Terraine and in Woven LEather, which by the way i see some horrid fakes of the WOven Leather one on eBay. Be careful.
  3. Thanks, KBL! I think I may want an Ada now, but most of the pics I see of the bag are so inconsistent. In some it looks big and smooshy which I like, but in others it seems smaller and stiff which I don't like! Oh well. I think I may hold out, and try to catch one on sale IRL. I think I am going to have to schedule a trip to New York around the next sample sale. I think I would have picked up an Ada and a Jillian for those prices!