Question about a style

  1. I could have sworn I saw this style @ CHANEL store in Toronto two weeks ago.
  2. Yes, you can get this style in stores now.:biggrin:
  3. Yes you can get this in the store.
  4. LADIES !!! thanks for ALL your help.. So I called and ordered this bag and asked for the Caviar Doctor Looking bag :P and the SA told me she would put the order in for me !!! The best part is the bag is on sale !!! YES ON SALE. Even the SA was LIKE oh these ones never go on sale.. :biggrin: The bag was 40% off ! I think Original was $1185 or something .. came to around $700 including tax ! YOU GUYS ROCK :love:
  5. Congrats!! Where did you order from?
  6. To be honest with you I dont know the exact store I called .. I just went to the Saks website and started calling stores in FLORIDA , the SA placed the order through the computer so I dont know which stores actually have it in stock . GOOD LUCK !
  7. Yes you can. Its the small caviar bowler. Its about $1300 retail and that color always seems to be in stock.
  8. I called Boca Raton Saks and they said that caviar boewling is classic so it would never go on sale...
    What store did u call?
  9. Wow Im stunned to hear it was on sale too! 40% off? What store?? I know the retail on the bag was more than $1185. I believe it was like $1325 ish.
  10. I started a new thread for this bag if anyone is interested in purchasing one!! :idea:
  11. YAHHHH so happy others were able to get this too !!!!